Alpha Ketones

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What Are Raspberry Ketones?
The Revolutionary New All-Natural Fat Buster.

Raspberry ketones have been clinically shown to burn fat because
they contain a compound called adiponectin. Research shows
that this valuable compound helps your body burn fat more easily.
This works for all body types, and for both men and women.
Adiponectin has been scientifically proven to “shrink fat cells”,
while enhancing your metabolism. It’s incredible.



Why Are Raspberry Ketones So Popular?
Because They Work.

You would have to eat many pounds of fresh raspberries to get a 250mg dose of Raspberry Ketones. The calories you would gain from eating the fresh fruit would negate the positive weight loss effects of the ketones. That’s why we developed a little capsule with pure Raspberry Ketones. You get all the benefits, without the calories from eating pounds of fruit.



Are Raspberry Ketones Safe?
Yes, They Are 100% Natural And Made In USA.

Raspberry Ketones are nature’s gift in an all-natural
fat burner. Alphatrition only formulates the highest
quality natural products, and our ketones are made
here in the USA, in GMP-certified labs, from only
the purest sources available. Nothing compares.



Will It Work For Your Body Type?
Yes, It Works For Everyone.

Clinical studies have shown that Raspberry Ketones works for every body type. These studies have also shown that Raspberry Ketones can help to burn fat in all of your problem areas. Our Raspberry Ketones are formulated using the clinically proven, multi-patented raspberry ketone extract.



Why Buy From Alphatrition?
Nothing Compares.

We use the same purity, potency, and serving size of
that was used in the clinical trials. You can be certain
you are receiving the highest quality Raspberry Ketones
available on the market. You will have the opportunity to
enjoy the our world class Customer Service – giving you the
support you need to slim down and lose weight for good.